donderdag 10 juli 2014

Denim Thursdays

Still not the best weather in Belgium. So instead of showing you my outfit of the day, here is a quick pic of some new items i bought. 

My sneaker collection got a little bit bigger this week. I bought these all black Roshe Runs. How nice is it to wear sport shoes as casual ones? My feet thank this trend strongly!
After a minute of doubting, i bought this ripped denim shorts at Zara. It is a boyfriend jean, which always make me doubt if i can make them look feminine enough. 
And last but not least, a beautiful new lip color from Bobby Brown. This one is called Sunset Orange. Perfect for a sultry summer evening, wink!

Much love, Julie

dinsdag 8 juli 2014

Tuesdays are the new sunday

Well, I guess belgian summer has arrived.. It hasn't stopped raining for a second today. I had some things planned, but I am not in the mood to get out of the house with this weather. So this will be one of those lazy days, where I stay in and do practically nothing. Oh, and not feel guilty about it!

Thus far, my day consisted of being an obsessive pinner on Pinterest, planning my trip to Paris, reading other blogs, drinking tea and taking selfies. I'm probably going to design the layout of my blog today, since it now looks like a 14 year old made it. Time to do something useful!

Much love, Julie

maandag 7 juli 2014

My summer wish list

Making is a wish list is never hard. Narrowing it down to only 7 items, that is the tricky part! I actually need to go shopping for a few basics, but where is the fun in that? Here are a few things that appeared on my radar lately.

1. Zara Embroided Kimono: I'm on the lookout for a nice kimono, since I feel it is the perfect summer outfit and it's definitely on trend. It always ads just the right amount of razzmatazz to a look. I really love this one from Zara with the tassels, so I might go and take a look and try to rock the boho look?

2. Kevin Murphy Damage Manager: My hair is plagued with frizzy split ends as a result of flat ironing, blowdrying and curling my hair all the time. So a product that protects my hair from heat and temperatures is a must! And just look at how gorgeous the packaging is!

3. Bobby Brown Soft Rose Lip Color: Just like with my wardrobe, I tend not to go for bold colors easily. So a pink rose, not to bright please.

4. Filles A Papa Clay Jeans: If I want my pants to match my drink this summer, these pair of jeans would be perfect.

5. Proenza Schouler ps11 Tiny Shoulder bag: I have never ever had a white bag, nor have I ever had an urge to own one. Until now. Are they in fashion? I have no idea, but it is one of my go to colors from now on. I can't afford this one, but a girl can dream!

6. Stella McCartney Rounded Wayfarer Sunglasses in Hazelnut: These are available at the beautiful store that is Rio, in Gent. Here is where I fell in love with them. Sigh!

7. Nike Roshe Run: As I wrote earlier on the blog, I am looking for a new pair of kicks. Since I can't find the perfect ones, I'm thinking about buying the most basic ones. I'm going on a little trip to Paris in a week, so walking around this big city all day, my feet will thank me.

Much Love, Julie

vrijdag 4 juli 2014

Hello from Ghent

Today I took the train to Ghent. A bit of a last minute decision, but I really like this town and always love a visit! Ghent is small and cosy but still vibrant. I don't really know my way around here, so a friend that's a local was very convenient. I won't be needing you today, google maps!

We went for a lovely sunny lunch at Simon Says, a coffeeshop, bed and breakfast and organic eatery in a beautiful Art Nouveau building. It is just walking distance from the historic center, so no excuses! This is definitely a stop during a day of Ghent. We had a seat on the terras, enjoying the sun. I had the 'Club Symon Says Sandwich' with a juice. And since the owners are British, they served it with chips. Very yummy and highly recommended!

After lunch, I enjoyed my time just walking around the pebbled streets. Since the weather was a little up & down I decided to do a little shopping as well. I really need ('want' is more accurate) a new pair  of sneakers for the summer. So my friend gave me a few addresses of some good shops, but no luck here. I ended up buying a lovely striped dress instead. I will be blogging about this soon!

Absent me, I forgot to take pictures of the beautiful place that is Simon Says. And I really wanted to show a couple of glimpses from my day, but i barely took pictures! So these few pictures will have to do.

Much Love, Julie

Being a real tourist taking these kind of pictures 

The lovely Graslei

Chilling at the Graslei. Messy hair, don't care.
Sunglasses: Uterqüe / Necklace: COS

Enjoying a Moonpop

woensdag 25 juni 2014


Last winter, I ordered these gorgeous Bertie IV ankle boots from Senso. It was a bit of a hustle getting them, since I bought them online and they had to be shipped from L.A. (think shipping and customs). But they were so worth the wait!

I often visit the site where I got these shoes from, hoping for some good buys. The site i am talking about is As they describe themselves on the site, they are a global community of over 300 fashion boutiques. They showcase over 1000 labels, including some of my favorite ones: Cedric Charlier, Acne, Peter Pilotto, 3.1 Philip Lim, Marni (!!), Chloé... But since this site would be bad for my wallet to say the least, it is mostly dreaming of ordering these clothes online than actually ordering them. But still, i am on the look-out. Especially now since sales have started! 

Here are some lovely things I've put on my wish list. Sugar daddy, where are thou?

Where do you shop online?

Much love, Julie

zondag 22 juni 2014

Sunday brunch

Antwerp has a new stylish hotspot for breakfast, brunch, lunch and coffee. And since i'm now done with school, I finally found the time to visit the beautiful place that is Copper. The facade with the distinctive blue tiles, trendy tables and chairs, high ceilings, lots of light and a peach pink wall. So simple and yet so beautiful. A calm, cozy and nice place and worth the visit!
I went for a small breakfast with my mom and sister, since we had something to celebrate. That is, me graduating! Well, I didn't get my actual results yet. But my presentation went well and I got nice comments. Celebration brunch it is!
Much love, julie

vrijdag 20 juni 2014

Let's do what we love

Hi there!

My very first blog post! How exciting!
I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to first of all introduce myself!

My name is Julie, a twenty-something blogger and graphic designer based in Antwerp, Belgium. I'm a real city girl! And just as almost everyone who lives in Antwerp, I love my city! I guess I never see myself moving to a place that is not a big city. I've lived in Amsterdam as well, whilst doing an internship there. And I definitely wouldn't mind discovering new cities and hotspots.

I choose to blog in my free time, which will be an incredible commitment. I've chosen the name Much Love, Julie because of this. I just felt a need to share my dreams, my goals and my story. I see this blog as as a creative outlet to express my thoughts, inspirations, style and love of everything cool. These are the chronicles of me: I will chronicle my style, travels and life. And in doing this, maybe inspire and motivate others. Much love as if you would end a beautiful letter, and in a way saying thanks for following me and being interested. And hey, it is catchy no?

I have to admit that I was really hesitant, being a bit afraid of what people will think (hello, how easy is it to judge someone from behind the computer). But as the quote says: just do what you love to do, and do a lot of it!

If you like this blog, you can also follow me here: Instagram / Pinterest / Bloglovin

Much love, Julie