woensdag 25 juni 2014


Last winter, I ordered these gorgeous Bertie IV ankle boots from Senso. It was a bit of a hustle getting them, since I bought them online and they had to be shipped from L.A. (think shipping and customs). But they were so worth the wait!

I often visit the site where I got these shoes from, hoping for some good buys. The site i am talking about is As they describe themselves on the site, they are a global community of over 300 fashion boutiques. They showcase over 1000 labels, including some of my favorite ones: Cedric Charlier, Acne, Peter Pilotto, 3.1 Philip Lim, Marni (!!), ChloĆ©... But since this site would be bad for my wallet to say the least, it is mostly dreaming of ordering these clothes online than actually ordering them. But still, i am on the look-out. Especially now since sales have started! 

Here are some lovely things I've put on my wish list. Sugar daddy, where are thou?

Where do you shop online?

Much love, Julie

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