vrijdag 20 juni 2014

Let's do what we love

Hi there!

My very first blog post! How exciting!
I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to first of all introduce myself!

My name is Julie, a twenty-something blogger and graphic designer based in Antwerp, Belgium. I'm a real city girl! And just as almost everyone who lives in Antwerp, I love my city! I guess I never see myself moving to a place that is not a big city. I've lived in Amsterdam as well, whilst doing an internship there. And I definitely wouldn't mind discovering new cities and hotspots.

I choose to blog in my free time, which will be an incredible commitment. I've chosen the name Much Love, Julie because of this. I just felt a need to share my dreams, my goals and my story. I see this blog as as a creative outlet to express my thoughts, inspirations, style and love of everything cool. These are the chronicles of me: I will chronicle my style, travels and life. And in doing this, maybe inspire and motivate others. Much love as if you would end a beautiful letter, and in a way saying thanks for following me and being interested. And hey, it is catchy no?

I have to admit that I was really hesitant, being a bit afraid of what people will think (hello, how easy is it to judge someone from behind the computer). But as the quote says: just do what you love to do, and do a lot of it!

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Much love, Julie

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