vrijdag 4 juli 2014

Hello from Ghent

Today I took the train to Ghent. A bit of a last minute decision, but I really like this town and always love a visit! Ghent is small and cosy but still vibrant. I don't really know my way around here, so a friend that's a local was very convenient. I won't be needing you today, google maps!

We went for a lovely sunny lunch at Simon Says, a coffeeshop, bed and breakfast and organic eatery in a beautiful Art Nouveau building. It is just walking distance from the historic center, so no excuses! This is definitely a stop during a day of Ghent. We had a seat on the terras, enjoying the sun. I had the 'Club Symon Says Sandwich' with a juice. And since the owners are British, they served it with chips. Very yummy and highly recommended!

After lunch, I enjoyed my time just walking around the pebbled streets. Since the weather was a little up & down I decided to do a little shopping as well. I really need ('want' is more accurate) a new pair  of sneakers for the summer. So my friend gave me a few addresses of some good shops, but no luck here. I ended up buying a lovely striped dress instead. I will be blogging about this soon!

Absent me, I forgot to take pictures of the beautiful place that is Simon Says. And I really wanted to show a couple of glimpses from my day, but i barely took pictures! So these few pictures will have to do.

Much Love, Julie

Being a real tourist taking these kind of pictures 

The lovely Graslei

Chilling at the Graslei. Messy hair, don't care.
Sunglasses: Uterqüe / Necklace: COS

Enjoying a Moonpop

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